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Halloween Memory: The Ghost in the Graveyard


So… Here we are.

October on the Internet has traveled a long and bumpy road towards this day. Admittedly, the Scary Pic Contest didn’t work out all that great, and there were  a few weeks during which posts were few and far between. But overall, this blog accomplished what I wanted it to accomplish: I got to write some fun articles, and, even better, I got to read some fun articles written by my talented friends. Many thanks to Adam Blomquist, Ryan Sartor, Sam Greenberg and Monica Castillo for their great contributions.

I was thinking of devoting this last October post to John Carpenter’s Halloween, but Monica beat me to the punch, which is kind of a relief; writing about movies you love can be a real pain in the ass. Instead, I’m going to share one of my own favorite Halloween memories: The time I got chased by a ghost. Continue reading

Halloween Memory: The First Cut Is the Deepest


Thirteen is kind of a big deal in the mythos of the spooky holiday. However, the number 14 has just as much significance to me. It was then that I truly discovered horror films.

Sure, Dracula was fine and Hocus Pocus was hilarious, but witches and vampires were only so scary. After all, they are fake. Enter the mass murderer, humanity’s real monster. Misunderstood sociopath perhaps, but what sets these men apart is their seemingly unquenchable thirst for young teen blood. Freddy, Leatherface, and my personal favorite, Michael, hunt down the children of the ‘burbs for one reason or another. Continue reading