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First of All, It Was October…


This could all be yours.


Welcome, ghouls and boils!

Those of you who know me well are aware that I’m a bit of a fan of Halloween. This year my fanship takes the form of this blog, which will offer a few different features.

The most consistent of those features will be the Scary Pic Contest, which will be modeled after a similar contest run by my friend Ryan Sartor a few years back (and which I eventually won, just sayin’). Every day I’ll post a still from an unidentified horror movie, and the first reader to email me at mjrhoff@gmail.com with a correct guess as to what movie the pic is from earns a point. (Click here for the first pic.) At the end of the month, the reader with the most points will win a prize. I’m not quite sure exactly what the prize will be yet, but it will definitely involve lots of Halloween candy and, more importantly, the glory of victory.

Besides the contest, I’ll also use the blog to post reviews of horror movies I like/intensely dislike/find interesting for some reason, as well as recommendations of other Halloween-related web sites and what have you. And there may be guest posts from some of my friends in the blogging community. To be honest, the planning and execution stages of this project are kind of overlapping–but that’s part of the fun! This will be like one big month-long Halloween party. Except without any alcohol, or costumes, or firsthand interaction with other people. So more like a Halloween-themed blog than a party, I guess.

Anyway, it’ll be fun, and at the end someone will get a lot of candy. That’s what counts.

Let the spookiness begin!

Matt Hoffman