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Recommendation: X-Entertainment’s Halloween Countdown

X-Entertainment founder Matt Caracappa is, in his own words, the kind of person “who can achieve orgasm through holiday-inspired box art.” That quote should give you a pretty good sense of his website’s tone.

X-E is basically a nostalgia site dedicated to kid-based pop cultural detritus from the ’80s and ’90s, and every fall its blog features a Halloween Countdown that can put you in the mood for spookiness like nothing else on the internet. (Except, um, this blog. Obviously.) Sample topics this year include Goosebumps puppets, Universal Monsters pogs and Halloween-themed toothpaste, all of which are picked apart with sardonic humor, obscure references and palpable affection. Highly recommended for outwardly cynical bastards who, deep down, just want to go back to the days when Halloween meant ghost-themed cartoons, “Frankenstein” frankfurters on the school lunch menu, and lots and lots of candy.