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Torture Porn Populism: Why We Need SAW 3D

Really? They're using a mousetrap for the SAW 3D poster? Not some kind of pointy thingamabob jumping out at us? Kind of seems like a missed opportunity.


First of all, this is not a review. Sure, I could’ve spent last night at a midnight screening of Saw 3D and reported back to this blog with a critical analysis and handy star rating, but let’s be honest: No one cares what real critics think of Saw 3D, much less what my opinion of it is. After all, Saw IV got an astonishing 0% “Top Critics” rating on RottenTomatoes.com, and it earned back over three times its budget by the end of its opening weekend. So instead of wasting my time writing a review that would have no influence on anyone’s ticket-buying decision, I’m going to make a confession: I love the Saw series.

Which is not to say that I think the movies themselves are any good. Do go on…